Upgraded CPU, programs freeze after a minute, but can still be closed.

So I just upgraded my 4790k to a 7700k including new motherboard and RAM. The setup was fine, but now that i'm in windows, if I open up a couple of programs everything freezes. I can still move windows around and close them, and if I move them around they seem to work again as long as I keep moving the window. I'm trying to open a temp program like Core temp and speccy, but when I open them with another program this happens. I noticed my cpu at idle is hanging around 40 degrees which is concerning, but any idea on what could be causing this freezing?
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  1. Hi,

    I assume you did not reinstall windows.
    Did you reinstall the new motherboard drivers?

    You probably need to reinstall windows since it is different chipset.
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  2. That could be it, I have narrowed it down to that it only freezes when I try to launch programs like CPU-Z, Speecy or Core Temp, otherwise it runs fine. I will try to reinstall windows though if there is no other solution.
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