Resident Evil 5 GTX 750ti 4GB OC Windforced Crashes

Hey guy's i bought yesterday Resident Evil 5 Gold Edition on Steam ... The problem i got is if i launch the game and klick on "system settings" the game crashed .... it also crashed if i start a new game or try to join anyone's session .... but WHY ? all drivers are up to date tested it with a gtx 1060 from my boyfriend it works just with my 750ti it didnt work ... Resident Evil 6 runs fine btw

System Specs:

GTX 750Ti 4gb
AMD FX 8370
8GB Ram

hope u could help me out wanna play this with my boyfriend together and sry for my bad englisch i'm from germany ^^"
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  1. have you asked the same on steam community ? there has the be the game community and i am sure if its official issue other also posted the same
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  2. Well some ppl ask it on steam comunity but no answer not from capcom or from another user there just little things like "reinstall Games for windwos Life" still didnt work thats why i try to ask here proably someone know's more than the steam comunity .... funny thing i called capcom service they still have no answer for this problem so i hope for someone who had a own made fix for this :c
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