Samsung 960 EVO 1TB price just dropped to $429.99. Why?

Just one or two days ago, this SSD was $60 more on NewEgg. Now on both NewEgg and Amazon the price has dropped precisely to $429.99. What happened? I'm asking because I'm ready to pull the trigger and purchase, but I'm fearful that there is a new model or capacity about to release. Any theories or knowledge on the matter?
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    I found an article expecting a new product release "later this year" as of march (, but I doubt that has anything to do with the price drop. Release usually don't effect prices until they actually happen. My guess is that nobody was buying the drive in that capacity so they lowered the price to move some inventory.
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  2. Ne0Wolf7 I read the story that you hyperlinked. Thank for your input. I bought the drive and just updated my Tom's Hardware signature to reflect that.

    Intel 750 AIC 800 GB → Samsung 960 EVO 1 TB
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  3. Enjoy your storage, I'm getting the 500 GB one to replace my full 256 GB boot drive myself. Still deciding weather to get the 950 or 960 evo though. We'll see
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  4. I upgrade my mom's 850 EVO M.2 to a 960 EVO M.2; both 500GB. You can't go wrong with either, but when I read in a PC Perspective story that they booted into Windows 10 in ten seconds and six seconds respectively, I just had to go for the 960.

    By the way, after I bought the 960 EVO 1 TB last night, the price jumped from $429.99 to $479.99. However, the $479.99 price now has a savings promo code that deducts $60 from the price. My purchase did not come with the deal. Very interesting.

    Anyway, watch this.

    PC Perspective: Intel Optane Memory 32GB Review - Faster Than Lightning
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  5. Hmm seems I'm a generation too early for optane, I built a haswell machine last year. Looks cool, but if you bought a PC in the time of kabby lake, you've probably already got an SSD.
    Maybe they ment to give that promo and instead lowed the price by accident and you got the luckey purchase.
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