sata vs m.2 pcie ssd for budget editing workstation

Im planning on building a cheap editing workstation for VFX and 3D work. I dont want to spend over $800 since i like to do it for fun and my current pc cant quite cut it...

r5 1600
msi b350 gaming plus
2x8gb ddr4 3200mhz
wd caviar blue 1tb
rx 560 2gb
cm masterbox lite 5
corsair cx450m

The problem is i cant choose between a 250gb sata ssd, and a 250gb samsung 960 evo (m.2 pcie). Since the m.2 is $50 more i would like to know if its worth it, and if it will get bottlenecked by the R5... The programs i use are C4D, Blender, After Effects, Vegas and i might start using some more since the new machine will be way faster.
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    An nvme drive bottlenecked by a CPU ??
    No that's an impossibility.
    The 960 evo is faster , whether you would actually notice any difference is debatable in all honesty.

    You'll obviously use the secondary as a scratch/storage drive ??

    For me personally for an extra $50 the answer is no

    That $50 would put that secondary drive upto a 3tb or a sata based ssd upto a 480/500gb+ model.
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  2. The $50 would be better spent on a faster GPU. Which can make a big difference in GPU rendering. Look at your programs and see what they will benefit from. Some do better with AMD acceleration some do better with nVidia for acceleration.
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