Computer not working properly after installing a new graphics card

I got a new Gigabyte Gt710, before I put in my new graphics card I unistalled my previous graphics card(8400 gs) drivers, after I put my new graphics card in and started to download graphics driver for gt710 as everyone suggested. But after my download was half way through it started raining and my power supply went out for a while,after I restarted my computer it won't allow me to download any drivers saying 'failed connection problem' even when I have net connection, it won't allow me to run drivers from CD saying ' version.dll is missing'. Please help I can't even downgrade back to my 8400 gs as it says the same thing.
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    What is your power supply? It's just a curious question. Tell me all of your specs. There are two ways. Reinstall the drivers using this method.

    1. Download this program to uninstall the drivers.:

    2. Install the newest drivers from nvidia website here.:

    If nothing works reinstall the windows. Hope that I helped. :)
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  2. Thank you it worked :)
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