SSD + 5400 RPM 1TB SSHD or SSD + 1TB 7200 HDD for a Laptop

Okay so I am gonna do a storage upgrade for my laptop.
I already bought a 250gb NVMe SSD which is gonna be used for booting and some important programs and games.
My question is wether I should buy a 5400 RPM SSHD (FireCuda) or a high-end 7200 RPM HDD, both 1Tb.
It is a laptop so they gonna be 2.5 inches.
It is gonna be used for storage, movies, music, documents and some programs and games which are not gonna be placed on the SSD.

Thank you!
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  1. Personally, I'd go with the better 7200RPM drive.

    The SSHD only benefits from that data which ends up in the 8GB SSD space. And that, only for read speed.
    Write speed is still at regular 5400RPM performance.
  2. 7200 RPM HDD will be the better choice. Since you already have an SSD, the SSHD wouldn't help a lot. Get the HDD only, it's the better choice.
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    5400 rpm is used in laptops because they are optimized for battery savings, not performance.
    5400rpm is not so good for windows either because of higher latency than 7200 rpm.
    But... since you now have a good ssd for windows and performance apps, go ahead and buy the cheapest hard drive for bulk storage.
  4. Question: I am guessing that your laptop has both a NVme and a SATA III slot. If that is true you may not be able to use both slots as the NVme slot uses two SATA Lines, and disables the SATA0 Connection.
    Concur with what geofelt state with one caveat - Cheapest QUALITY drive. and some of the "cheapest" drives may fail quickly.
  5. RetiredChief, that is actually a good question, however I do not think that it should be a problem. The laptop is a Clevo P650HS-G (Sager NP8157) with a Samsung 960 EVO 256GB M2 PCIe SSD in it.

    A recommendation would be great, I am looking for a 1tb + drive for a max of 120-130 USD (wouldn't mind cheaper if it is a good quality and would work for me)
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