Good M.2 SSD 250GB for laptop (NVMe and Sata)

Hey, I meant to buy 2 new M.2 SSD drives.
1. One HP Pavillion 15bc(7700hq).. supports M.2 NVMe PCI-e, so I wanted to buy Samsung 960EVO. I checked reviews and saw endurance is a con?? Is there some.alternative to 960evo without battery drainage or so.
2. Also need another one for Asus K501ux. This one support M.2 only on SATA. I was thinking about Cruical MX300, or better to go with NVMe maybe in the future I can put it in another laptop is this even compatible?

Thank you all :)
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  1. The issue with nvme drives isn't lifespan/endurance at all.
    This is a non issue because generally they're going to last 10 years+.

    The main issue is temperatures & throttling .
    Personally I think any nvme drive is a fairly bad idea for laptop use because of the above.

    I'd stick to a good sata based drive for both laptops personally.
    The mx300 is a great drive IMO & that extra 35gb space on the 275gb models covers the complete OS install & then some.

    I dropped the mx300 in an old i5 based dell n5010 , sub 10 second cold boot time & you would think this laptop is a much more current model now , its so insanely responsive in every single use - like a brand new laptop.
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  2. Ohh, thank you for suggestion. I was not even thinking about heating problem. I just found samsung 850 EVO m.2 sata for cheaper than mx300 near my place and in all the reviews it says it is the best, but after your remark I found much warnings about m.2 version to be overheating.
    So if you could get Crucial mx300 275gb and samsung 850 EVO 250gb for the same price, you would still choose Crucial one for the laptop, because of power consumption and heat?
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  3. P.s. Oh yeah about the upgraded older Dell model. Atm I actually have an older cheaper Crucial Bx200 5.4" sata SSD in my HP Pavilion that I replaced the original HDD with. Made a big difference :)
    As I have m.2 slot free I would like to tag another SSD in mostly because I noticed that Virtual Machine that I use, runs much better on its own drive when I tested it on desktop :)
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    An nvme drive is not compatible with a laptop that only takes sata based m2's anyway.
    Re 850 evo - its a sata based drive like the mx300.
    There are no inherent overheating problems with these drives.
    Sata m2 can still hit 70-75c under heavy use , nvme drives like the 950/960 can hit over 100c (not something I'd personally want in a laptop)

    At the same price yes I'd still take the mx300 simply because its got an extra 25gb , if anything the 850 evo is the slightly better drive spec wise.
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