Will any B350 mobo be good for overclocking ryzen?

There are many B350 mobos that cost $70-$100.

I want to use it with a ryzen 5 1600 with stock cooler. I want to push it to 3.9-4.0 GHz.

Will all of them overclock the same? Is chipset the only thing that matters?
(Yes, I know that all ryzen chips can overclock to a different GHz max.)

I notice that some motherboards have better heatsinks, though, i'm not sure if that will help.
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    I haven't heard any truly negative of the ASrock and the Asus motherboards. I currently have a MSI B350 Tomahawk and wouldn't recommend it. I've had too many issues with it. On restarts, not seeing my SSD (would then shut it down and then would boot normally), not seeing my video card after installing/rebooting games or production applications (would have to go into the bios and set it to default which would only change the overclock i have, then it would work), and other minor things.
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