Help picking parts for a PC upgrade.

I want to upgrade my processor (and consequently my motherboard and RAM).

Should I go for Ryzen or intel? My main purpose for this upgrade is gaming at minimum 60Hz 1080p max in game settings for now, and 1440p/4k for future and with a 144hz monitor. ( I know the res is mostly GPU reliant but just stating anyway )

Also, if Ryzen, then which Ryzen CPU should I go for? I plan to overclock the CPU under a well air-cooled system. Would the stock cooler for a ryzen CPU suffice if I do go for ryzen? (I heard theyre pretty good coolers) Which motherboard and RAM would be best?

I'm not asking many questions about intel cpus because if I do choose intel I already know I'm going for the 7700k.

I also want my build to be somewhat future proof. ( I don't want to change my CPU for a several years )

I want to spend my money wisely; I don't want to blow money to the point of insignificant performance gains for current gen gaming and for the future. i.e if a 200 dollar processor is all I need for future proof upgrade then great, but if going cheap means my performance takes a significant hit then I'm prepared to fork out the extra money.

Keep in mind the upgraded parts will be running alongside my current MSI GTX 970 OC , which I plan to also upgrade but about a year after my CPU upgrade.

Thank you for taking the time to help :)

Current RIG:
fx 8350
gtx 970
990fx saberooth
16gb ddr3 ram
7200rpm hdd
750 watt gold evga psu
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    I would honestly go for an r5 1600 or r7 1700 over the 7700k, if you want future proofing. You won't be losing a ton of performance at 1080p and even less at 1440p and 4k. Both of the ryzens should also be faster than the 7700k at most tasks other than gaming, are cheaper and more future proof due to the extra cores and threads.

    As for cpu cooler, I would recommend them for overclocking but are definitely not completely necessary.

    Go for 3000 or 3200mhz ram, it will improve performance around 10% over 2133 and 2400. Most b350 motherboards should be fine
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