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Last night, I built an AM4 gaming PC, installed windows, downloaded driver software, and updated my BIOS. All is working well, except for my Team T-Force NightHawk White RGB RAM (16GB DDR4 3200). When I went to view the amount of memory that I had via task manager, I saw that I only had 3.5GB of memory clocked at a measly 1067 MHz. I was able to get the clock speed back to 3200MHz by updating my BIOS and creating am XMP profile, but I'm still capped at 3.5GB of RAM. I have indeed heard that your total RAM gets traded in for video memory, but the only video card I know of that has 3.5GB of VRAM is the GTX 970, which I don't have. Any feedback/support would be appreciated. [EDIT] I thought that I installed 64 bit windows, but apparently I didn't. Thanks for the responses though.
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  1. Verify what OS you've installed.
    Not assume..verify and post a screencap of it here.
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  2. Looks like you've installed 32-bit windows by accident at first glance
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  3. how much RAM does the BIOS say you have? The sub 4GB report in windows makes me think you installed 32bit instead of 64bit Windows.

    Your RAM is not traded in for VRAM when you use a dedicated GPU. It's only when you use an iGPU/on board video is some of system RAM used as VRAM. And the Ryzen series has no onboard video.
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