Using Nvidia Gtx 1050ti With an Hdmi to Vga Adapter...??

Hi.... Im Planning to buy an 1050ti 4gb but the thing is my moniter is vga.

So i was wondering that is it safe to use an hdmi/dvi d to vga adapter for 7-8 mnths till i upgrade my moniter.

I will be doing heavy cooding n casual gaming at 720p high settings.

I will be glad if u guys help me figure this out
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  1. Yes, you need an Active HDMI/DP/DVI-D-VGA adapter, something like this:
    Though, I advice you to get anything other than HDMI, as it causes some issues.
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    VGA is Analog, and DVI-D is Digital only. Although: DVI-I carries both an analog and digital signal, so if you want a non-active (passive) adapter you HAVE to use the DVI-I connector. If you will comment your manufacturer and model, I can tell you (looking at the pictures) if it has a DVI-I connector or DVI-D connector.
    The connectors are 90% of the time like the reference (founders edition) card, which has a DVI-D (which is bad for analog).
    Alternatively, you can look at pictures or websites online for the difference between DVI-I and DVI-D.

    Hope this helps.
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