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I recently built a budget $150 gaming PC as a personal challenge. This is my very first PC build. Because I was on a budget, I decided to go for the motherboard from the HP Pro 3000 microtower/sff PC, as it was a steal at just $20. Currently, I am running a Core 2 Quad Q9400 paired with a Radeon HD 5870, and they do a nice job together. I mainly use this for Overwatch.

While it does a nice job with Overwatch, the Q9400 does somewhat bottleneck the HD 5870 at 1080p medium low settings. It can usually maintain 60 FPS but sometimes it drops into the 50s and 40s, but with no stuttering.

I want to squeeze a little more performance out of this CPU by overclocking so that I can maintain 60 FPS. However, being an HP motherboard, there are no options for overclocking.

I tried a few things though, but none of them worked. I can't do a BSEL mod since the Q9400 is already at the motherboard's max FSB of 1333 MHZ, and software such as Clockgen and SetFSB did not work. This leaves me with one option if I want to overclock: Find an alternate BIOS with unlocked overclocking options.

Here is some motherboard information. User Benchmark lists the motherboard as the Micro Star 3664h. I assume it is made by MSI, so maybe they make a similar motherboard with a compatible BIOS. It is also known as the Pine Row motherboard. It uses the Intel G45 Express chipset. Its PLL is Winbond W836678G-B. It supports DDR3-1333 Mhz. RAM. There are two 6 digit numbers at the barcode with -001 at the end, one with SP# 587302, and another one with AS# 581449.

This is my first post to Tom's Hardware, so I'm sorry if I sound like a noob. I also have never overclocked before but I know the risks involved. And this is just out of curiosity too, if there is one out there I might not even feel comfortable doing it, but at least I know I have an option out there to extend my system's life. If you cannot help me, that is ok, as I already consider this first build a success, but any help at all is appreciated.

For reference, this is a picture of the motherboard (I did not take it).
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