Should I install a NVMe m.2 ssd into the m.2 socket or in the PCIe slot using an adapter?

I want to buy a samsung 960 evo, this is a NVMe m.2 ssd and I want to install windows 10 and ubuntu in UEFI mode and boot from it.

My mother board is the asrock z170 pro4s and my cpu is the intel i5-6500.

Should I install the NVMe m.2 ssd in the m.2 socket so it will sit underneath my gpu and have a higher chance of overheating or should I buy an adapter and put it in the PCIe express lane x4 slot (the PCIe express lane x16 is being used by my gpu).

1. Which is the better option and why?
2. Will either option slow down my gpu?
3. Will I be able to boot windows 10 and ubuntu from either of the two options?
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    The 960 EVOs do not have the problems of overheating as the previous NVMe drives did. I would just install it on your M.2 slot. It will not have an impact on your GPU as it will use PCIe lanes from the chipset. You really dont need the PCIe to NVMe adapter card.
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