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My current setup is : Gtx 1060 strix 6gb, i5-4460, asus h81-plus, 8gb ram and my current psu is CM Thunder M 620w. After getting pc restarts with messages that asus anti-surge was triggered to protect system, random reboots, black screens and fans running on max. I decided to check out capacitor on the bloody thing and i can't say it looks any good. Besides this particular psu doesnt have certificate. So at the moment i'm aiming at a psu aroung 120$, was checking out Corsair cx650, but didn't find any good comments about that one. Happens that my pc runs pretty much the whole day, so i really need to get some stable psu, really hope if you folks can help me out.
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  1. this may help you

    i recommend any of EVGA G2, G3 | Corsair Rmx series , Rmi series
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  2. I recommend EVGA Seasonic, Maybe even thermaltake.

    BUT...... AVOID CORSAIRS CX SERIES. they are known to fail right out of the box, and have coil whine.

    You Can still go with corsair, just avoid there CX series.

    Also, The recommended wattage for a long lasting GPU, and Cpu, is 550W.
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