New case for Noctua NH-D15

All you need to know.
i7 4770K(Stock)
Asus Z87 Deluxe (Dual CH one)
G Skill Trident X 16GB 2.4Mhz
Gigabyte gtx 780Ghz Edition
Corsair h100i(broken)
Case CM690 III (Windowed) Its full tower

Well.. Since my h100i is broken I decided to buy a new cooler. Air cooler, AIO is done for me.
Best for my needs is Noctua NH-D15/BeQuiet Dark Rock Pro.. Its not problem with my ram since I can unscrew the top(heatsink). I saw I can do that w/o overheating problems.(Tell me if I'm wrong)

I need you to find me a good silent with good airflow case cas I want OC and fit my new cooler, if it's not full even better since I want to put it next to my monitor, thats why it has to be silent. +Dust filters if possible* Windowed

I could just buy fans but the problem with my case: My motherboard(1150) with the case doesn't fit. 2 of 4 screws are hidden so everytime I want to take out the backplate of h100i I have to take off whole system.

Thanks for your help and sorry for my English.
Just make sure for new case
1 Silent with a good airflow
2 Dust filters
3 And all 4 screws of my motherboard for cooler's backplate its revealed. So I don't have to unscrew motherboard and whole system. (My main problem)
Thanks again!
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  1. Best answer
    Fractal Design Define R5 or Define S.
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  2. Thanks for the answer! Is it okey with motherboad as I mentioned?
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  3. disce12 said:
    Thanks for the answer! Is it okey with motherboad as I mentioned?


    Look at NH-D15S for more gpu and ram clearance.

    Define S has no place for optical drives and no hdd rack, lots of room. This is the case I use with three noctua 140's in the front and one in the rear.

    R5 has hdd rack and optical drive support with space for two 140's up front.
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  4. I like this Define S, so much.. I didnt know this brand btw. I was about phanteks
    Saw d15s but this will affect performance with 1 fan less?

    Oh my mobo has 4 fan connectors.
    If I buy 2 more same with case's where should I plug? 1 front(in) and 1top(out) or 1 down(in) and 1top(out).. or maybe all in and 1(out)?
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