i5 7600K on Water or i7 7700K on Air?

I'm wondering which would be better. Having the i5 7600K water cooled, or get an i7 7700K and air cool it.
(Both options are overclocked)
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  1. You can get in what ever you feel comfortable with
    you can get AIO cooler but no life expectancy of AIO you dont know when your PUMP going to be dead.. yea you have warranty but you need to be ready

    you can get Air cooler too there are many almost close to AIO cooler i myself using the Corsair H100i GTX but it was dead and now i bought Coolermaster Air Maker8 Cpu cooler and i dont feel anydiference. and i dont have to be worry anymore that it will be dead

    Choice is yours
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    Your overclock potential is determined by how lucky you are in getting a good chip.
    As of 6/19/17
    What percent of samples can get an overclock
    at a vcore around 1.4v.
    5.3 samples exist, unknown % of occurrence
    5.2 16%
    5.1 27%
    5.0 52%
    4.9 72%
    4.9 83%
    5.0 62%
    5.1 29%
    5.2 6%

    Essentially, the same performance per core.
    If your need is for more than 4 threads, the I7 is better.
    Most games can only use 2-3 threads effectively, so the lower price of the 7600K might make it better.

    In either case, the limiting factor is the vcore you need to use..
    It is the vcore that generates heat that must be dissipated.

    If you have a well ventilated case(two 120/140mm front intakes) then I think air will do as well as any AIO.
    Here is the TDP suitability chart from noctua.
    Both 7600K and 7700K are 91w TDP processors. Add some for basic or max overclocking.

    A NH-U14s or NH-D15s will satisfy your needs.
    In the process you will have a simpler, quieter, less expensive, and more reliable cooler that will never leak.
    And... such an implementation with front filtered intakes will keep your parts cleaner.
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