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Right now I'm attempting to Overclock my AMD FX 6300 through AMD Overdrive Auto Clock but every time it goes above 4.2 Ghz my Pc crashes when I looked it up there was a forum on here saying That upping the voltage will help but I would like to know is the Voltage Boost setting on Auto Clock safe? Adding to this I would also like to know what the maximum safe temperature is for the AMD FX 6300 as right now in auto clock it's at 19 x multiplier and is at an almost constant 65 C and climbing while all my other components are at 36 C lastly is the auto clicker also stress testing the pc because I'm worried if I over lock it that'll be the base idling temp
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    Doing it by software rarely produces good OC, best to do it thru BIOS. AMD recommends max 1.5v and 62c core temperature.
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