5960x overclock temps

I was wondering what the best temp under load is for a 4.5ghz overclock. I know anything below 60c is good but what would be a good temp while completely under load?

I7 5960x
Asus rampage V extreme
Corsair H100i
1.3 volts
Thanks in advance for the help
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    Here's the operating range for Core temperature:

    Core temperatures above 85°C aren't recommended. temperatures increase and decrease with Ambient temperature.

    Highest Core temperatures occur during stress tests, rendering or transcoding, but are lower during less processor intensive workloads such as applications and gaming. Core temperatures vary greatly between games as CPU workloads differ. Idle temperatures below 25°C are generally due to Ambient temperatures below 22°C.

    Also, you might want to read this Sticky: Intel Temperature Guide -

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