overclocking a 2400mHz ram to 2666mHz

I'm planning to build a new pc with Ryzen 1300x and an A320M mobo. Since ryzen supports up to 2666 mHz ram, and the motherboard up to 3200, I wanted to buy some 2666 mHz ram. But if I buy the 2400 mHz one, It will be cheaper. So.... of curse I can overclock the ram, but will I risk to make it not stable?

P.S.: I'm not English
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  1. Depends entirely on the ram , I've had ballistix sport 2400 running at 2933mhz no issue at all, but there is no guarantee.
    In all honesty the debate on ram speeds for ryzen have been a little bit over exaggerated.
    2400mhz will still perform fine for the majority of users.

    Re 1300x + a320 ??

    I would honestly suggest (assuming you have a tight budget) the ryzen 1200 & a b350 board over that for the same kind of money.
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