Pc build sli gtx 1080ti

I want to build a PC with dual gtx 1080 ti sli and i7-7700 without water cooling will i run into temp issues
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  2. Well you might if you put them in a shoebox with no fans. Can't really say without a full part list.

    But you are looking at a lot of heat being generated. Something has to take it out of the chassis and something has to bring in cooler air.
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  3. You will need some serious airflow in that case. I got 2 FE cards in right now. Top ones sits at 80c 100% fan while the bottom card gets around 70c with 80% fan under 24/7 load. Its a little better with a none blower cards, but than you really need to find a way to dump the air. If you are just playing games, I don't see a problem. However the top card is going to be upwards of 10c over the bottom card. Heat raises.
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