Samsung 850 Pro Series 256GB or Samsung 960 EVO Series 250GB

I am going to buy an ssd and reinstall windows 10 and ubuntu on to them but I don't know which of these I should get:
Samsung 850 Pro Series 256GB

Samsung 960 EVO Series 250GB

This is the motherboard I am using:

1. does my motherboard support both of these ssds?
2. I am pretty sure NVMe m.2 ssd are much faster then sata ssd, since the 960 evo is only $10 more then the 850 pro does it make all the sense in the world to go for the 960 evo?

3. The m.2 port on my motherboard is right beneath my gpu, this is my gpu:

my gpu typically runs in the mid 60s degrees celcius when playing games, will this cause overheating issues with an m.2 ssd?

my gpu is on the pci slot closer to my cpu, I actually dont remember if both pci slots are the same or if the one closer to the cpu is faster, so if I decide to use a pci adapter for the m.2 and put it in the pci slot further away from my cpu, will it be slower than if I put the m.2 ssd directly into the m.2 port?

Thank you.
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    I have the board with a 960 pro and a gtx 1080i no over heating issues at all. If you can go with nvme m.2 do it.
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