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In the past I swear I saw that there was such thing as certain motherboards to overclock non-k processors up by a few GHz, I have an old i3-2120 processor that I got off of eBay for $30 a while back and I used it for a bit and I was thinking about using it to build my brother a gaming pc but I don't have a motherboard for it, the motherboard I have is a DZ77GA-70K which I eventually threw a 3770K into and overclocked it to 4.7GHz. If this is a thing which motherboards support non-k overclocking and if this is not a thing please let me know.
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  1. There is no such thing as massive OC on non-K Sandy CPUs. The multipliers are lock and the base clock is tied to PCIe/USB which can only tolerate about 5% OC before going haywire.
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  2. The limited oc was 400mhz above turbo plus with the turbo "workaround" they could get that speed on all cores. No turbo, no limited oc. That means i3 can't oc besides bclk which is rather pointless going from 3.3ghz to maybe 3.4ghz. Limited oc still needs to be on a mobo that can change multi which pretty much limits it to the same that you would get with k cpus; p67, z68, z75 and z77.

    It's a decent increase in some cases. Consider a 3770 3.7ghz turbo all cores to 4.3ghz oc before bclk, maybe 4.5ghz with bclk and that's about what you'd get in a k cpu that costs more.
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  3. Skylake was overclockable for a short time, 6100, but was quickly swatted by Intel. There is no good way to overclock sandybridge.
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  4. I swear I saw that there was such thing as motherboards that would allow non-k CPU's to be overclocked by like 300-400MHz by using the multiplier not the base clock on certain motherboards with a special feature, I guess I was mistaken?
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  5. the Socket 1155 Non-K CPU are locked from the factory, however, they can be overclocked to a maximum of 400GHz more from their boost speed. Depending on the stock speed of your CPU, even if its not a K series CPU it can still be overclocked by an additional 400Ghz without touching the core voltage which is much more safe and stable.
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  6. The limited oc is by the multi. That's why I said it still needs a mobo that can change multi.
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