MSI B350 LLC Settings for Ryzen

Trying some overclocking on my R5 1600 in MSI B350 Gaming+ mobo and want to play around with LLC but I have no clue what the settings actually do as they are just labelled mode 1-8, could someone offer some insight?
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  1. LLC is supposed to change voltages according to load. Voltages can go up or even down. Because of Silicon lottery, amount of OC and starting voltages you will just have to experiment with it and see if and what helps most.
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  2. Load Line Calibration allows the board to compensate for vdroop. Low LLC settings will counter droop a little bit. Higher LLC settings can actually add more voltage than what you've set in the bios....and sometimes even dangerously high voltage spikes.

    Experiment with your board. Test with it off. Put your CPU under load, and see what the voltage falls to (that's vdroop). Then, set LLC to lvl 1 and retest. Rinse and repeat. For a daily clock, I use a lower point on the LLC scale. Both to keep temps down, but to also counteract droop a bit.
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