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So I'm pondering a GPU upgrade for my old Dell Precision T5500. I'm currently running a Xeon X5670 (hex-core Nehalem @ 3 GHz) with a bare bones 1050 Ti. The question is- Can I upgrade my GPU without bottlenecking? Would a 1060 3GB/6GB be the limit, or could I conceivably upgrade to a 1070? I'd pose a similar question to Team Red advocates. I'd use the bottlenecking charts stickied at the top of the forum, but Xeons aren't covered...

I'm also limited by my PSU. It's 875w, but only has 2x6-pin PCIe connectors.
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    Going uo to 1060 would give you reasonable performance upgrade, a 1070 a bigger performance upgrade, but your PSU would need to supply an extra 45w of juice, would the cpu bottleneck, possibly on the 1060 and definitely on the 1070, would I do it, no.
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