Screen goes black, sound still works, single solution restart.

I am literally done with this problem, i have tried everything possible.
So i start with the specs: AMD Phenom II X4 965 BE
Gigabyte GA-MA770US3 rev 2.0
ASUS GeForce 630GT 2GB ddr3 silent
4 gigs of ram DDR2
Ordinary 500 watt power supply
2 HDDs connected with IDE cable and molex (old af)

So, it first started with that "Display driver kernel has stopped working and it was recovered" during i was playing any game, EVEN when browsing stuff like reddit/facebook. I did everything possible, adding the TdrDelay in the regedit, value 8, nothing, 10 nothing, i let it 10. Set everything in pc to maximum performance, even in nvidia control panel, turned off vsync, uninstalled every graphic driver with the DDU program, over and over again, tried every possible driver, even the last one. I opened the BIOS settings, turned off that AMD Quiet n cool setting so the cpu fan works at full speed, turned off that smart cpu voltage that controls how the cpu speed works. The heating CAN'T be the problem, in idle the temps don't pass over 35 40 for CPU and 30 for GPU. Nothing overclocked. I installed GPU tweak just to set the GPU fan speed to automatic depending on GPU temperature. Everything well until now, did a benchmark with Performance Test from PassMark. First one crashed after a minute or so started, sound still worked (i left a song in background to test if it really crash). Second benchmark completed succesfully, maximum temperatures were like 60-65 (didn't crash) for cpu in full load, and 60 for GPU that after the test finished cooled really fast back to 30-40. Used Prime95, same 60 degrees CPU. After 3 or maybe 4 hours when i was playing hearthstone only hearthstone opened, not even in full screen, the screen went black, sound was still there, i could control stuff, but there was no image, only restarting the computer solved it. Today same thing happened watching a youtube video. Looked through event viewer and i saw everytime when it crashed this one. Error Source WMI Event ID 10 Task category none

Another warning error Kernel-Pvp 219 (212) and RIGHT when i was doing the screenshot "nvidia driver bla bla" after so many times. This already tilts me off.....
I just want your answer helping me, open this do that, not me being redirected to X Y Z site that does same thing and tells me same thing i did. Thanks. If there is nothing to do i will have to change the windows and pray for the best :)
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    Question from Gabriel_98 : "Can i get a fix for display driver crash"

    "Nvidia driver kernel has crash blablabla" FIRST, Don't bother typing about "ugh tdrdelay in regedit" i did, "argh the psu is too weak" i'm sure that a 500watt psu can hold an AMD Phenom ii X4 965 BE, a nvidia geforce 630 gt 2 gb video card and 2 hdd's. Temperature? nope. cpu maximum 60 degrees if it's 100% used for long and gpu maximum 45. Overclock? neither. Yes, i uninstalled and installed every possible graphic driver, reinstalled windows. Underclocked the gpu. Set every mode to maximum performance. I literally did everything that i've seen on those "useful" "guaranteed" tutorials. I just want help from you with a simple fix. Open this, do that, not any other link to same thing that i saw those days. Thanks.
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