Blue Screen WHEA Uncorectable Error. Could I need a new case.

Good morning Everyone,

I have been getting WHEA uncorrectable Error a number of times recently and then my PC closes down. Yesterday my PC froze and didn't close down but my mouse stopped moving and so I turned my PC off and when I turned it back on again the BIOS came up but windows would not load. it was like that all day so I assumed my CPU had gone caput. But today I switched on my PC on and it all works so maybe my i7 4790K needed all night to finally cool down and reset? Performance seems okay today too and it is overclocked to 49.0Mhz which is pretty good.

Yesterday I bought a Noctua NH-D15 , a beast which will just fit inside my mid tower case. With the Artic silver that should sort out any over heating, but I'm wondering whether I should change the case. My one is old fashioned and the power supply at the top. I have two Noctua 80mm fans at the front and a 120mm Noctua fan at the back. My Bequite power supply has a 120 Silent Wings fan in it.

Changing the case, though is a lot of hassle. The ones I like are the full tower but they won't fit in my computer desk, so I could end up changing everything. Phew! But I'm not sure if I will gain much from a another mid tower.

Looking inside my mid tower box I have a 120mm fan at back and two 80mm fans at the front with unrestricted air flow as I have all SSD's at the front and my PC board sits right in the middle so perhaps that's' okay. The Beqiuet power supply sucks some air through the chassis as well but fan is very slow. I can fit a 80mm fan in my side panel which is for cooling a GPU which I don't use, but which way should I have it blowing, into the case or out?

In Ai Suite 3 I can adjust the CPU Current Capability down. I found it was set at 140%, if I reduce it will it help stop the CPU from overheating.

I use Cubase and it needs the fastest single core processing for real time performance so it's similar to gaming in that way. I would like to keep the overclocking.

So, any ideas about the case, and how do I turn the overclocking off for now? Would adjusting the CPU Current Capability down will that help stop the CPU from overheating? Thanks.
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  1. I've come to the conclusion my case is okay.

    Asus got back in contact with me and told me to switch the computer off, turn it off at the back, pull the plug out, earth myself, and take the on-board battery out. Then wait 3 to five minutes, then press the on button to discharge the boards capacitors, replace the battery, and turn it back again to reset the BIOS. I shan't t be overclocking again unless Cubase struggles, but I have the new Noctua fan and heat sink fitted so we will see.

    Asus said they do not offer support for over clocked boards, even though they brag about it on YouTube as well as supply AI Suite 3 for easy safe overclocking. Also, Intel supplies unlocked K processors for overclocking, so is it safe to overclock if it set up properly? Or does it always shorten life? Intel put a 3 year warranty on their CPU's and my one came back to life overnight , so they seem rugged.
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