AMD FX6300 stable?

Hi, im looking for a stable amd fx 6300 overclock. I have tried to 4.5 ghz, it wasnt too stable but got a bsod. So i was wonderjng.
I have a gigabyte ga 78lmt usb3 rev.6,
I also have a coolermaster hyper evo led so no problem coolibg. if you guys could help thatd be great!
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    Play around with it. Each chip handles overclocking and volting very different (google silicon lottery). If you want maximum possible frequency, you'll have to play around with voltage and clock speeds yourself. If it's BSOD at 4.5, turn it down until you get something stable, or crank the voltage up (probably not past 1.475 volts - you start needing very strong cooling past that point) until it ends up working. Just on the stock voltage it should be able to reach 4.4-4.5 depending on the chip.

    EDIT: Absolute max voltage on FX-6300 is 1.55V. I cannot recommend you go this far on it, as it will sorely wear your chip down very quickly. 1.45V is generally okay for most stable overclocking.
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  2. Thanks, is there a good stress test benchmarking software for this?
    Thanks again.
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  3. first you need to find your max overclock with stock increase the multiplier until your system becomes unstable,either right away or under testing.once you find this increase the cpu voltage by small increments until it tests stable.then its just a matter of increasing the multiplier and voltage until you reach max overclock.chances are 4.5ghz is about it with the cooling you have,so keeping it at 4.5ghz increase the voltage until it tests stable.mine runs at 4.5 at 1.33v just are also limited by temps when you increase the voltage so increase as little as possible.on that hardware i would test with occt.
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