GTX 1060 3gb OC Settings

Hi, i have an msi gaming x gtx 360 3gb, wich oc settings are better for this card ? im using core voltage at 6 and both frequencies at 145.
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  1. (360 is typo I guess)

    Core voltage probably doesn't actually do much. You can change in software but there is a hardware cap on the card.

    You should just experiment by using a benchmark tool like UNIGINE VALLEY then see if your score improves. Go till you crash then backup enough to be stable. (I do the GPU first, then the VRAM).

    May need to adjust fan profile if noise is too much (drop) or temperature too high (raise).

    Other result:

    "Maximum overclock of our sample is 2415 MHz on the memory (21% overclock) and +178 MHz to the GPU's base clock, which increases maximum Boost from 1974 MHz to 2152 MHz (9% overclock)."

    Again, don't push too close to the limit or you'll probably find some games crash.
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