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Hello. I have a ASUS Rampage V Extreme. I noticed after updating the BIOS to the latest one I was having the "CPU INIT" error. So to the have the system post I press the Cr CMOS button wait then system starts up. When in BIOS the voltage of the DRAM is less than 1.5. I am not sure what the cause of this is. If I shut the system down and then start up again I have to go through the Cr CMOS process as I again get "CPU INIT" error. The CPU fans work throughout the boot process. Once windows login screen comes the fans turn off. The board while I am in window reads "AA" so not sure what the issue is.
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  1. I was able fix the fan issue with the Corsair water block by hooking the fan 4 pin to the power line off the case fan. But still have issue with the "CPU INIT" issue still.
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