R5 1400 and B350 board and new ram or R5 1600?

Ok. So I have a conundrum. I bought some parts from the local microcenter just under 2 weeks ago. Here's what I got.

Ryzen R3 1200

Asus A320 Prime

8gb Crucial ddr4 2400, 2x4gb sticks

So my situation is this. I basically took a long break from pc gaming. Got out of it for a while. My old system with an FX 6300, 8gb of ram and 7950 took a break for a year or so.

So I have the above parts, here's what else I've got.

CM Storm Scout Case
Windows 10 Pro
1TB hard drive, couple of smaller hard drives that aren't installed, 500gb and 750gb. May turn one of these into a boot drive until I get an SSD.

I parted out the old system(paritially), and sold the FX 6300 and the 8gb of ddr3 ram I had.

Being that I'm getting back into gaming a little, and that microcenter has a 15 day return policy, I'm happy with my r3 1200, but I got a little extra cash than I had a couple of weeks ago(sold my ps4 tht I didn't play to gamestop for 212 which was just enough to get the above parts).

Now that I have a little extra, I can do one of the following.

Option A:
Return all parts and get the following

8gb Crucial ddr4 3000 memory

R5 1400 quad with SMT

ASRock B350

Option B(which I'm leaning toward)

Keep the ram I have, keep the motherboard. Return the CPU, and get this instead.

Ryzen R5 1600

My wife will likely shoot me if I go 1600 and board and ram. So that's out of the question. The other factor playing in is that I did purchase the 2 year replacement on the board, so I can take the board back at any time in that period, get 30 dollars in store credit(because the special they had was buy a cpu, take 30 off the board, the board was originally 60, so I paid 30 for the board essentially).

So my idea is to get this cpu, in a few months, to go back, swap the board for a b350, wish I could have gotten that at the time, but that was the budget I had. I also plan around Christmas/New Year, to upgrade the GPU. The old 7950 I realize is basically the same level as a 1050ti, but I only game at 1080p, probably staying there for a long while. But will want something powerful later, but the 7950 still seems to do most things at medium/high settings by turning down AA and stuff like that.


Part of me says go ahead and get the board, cpu and ram and be happy, but the other part of me says I know I can swap the board later, and that in a year I don't want to be wishing I had the 6 core. The Ryzen 3 1200 isn't bad, so I'm assuming the 1600 will straight kick the 1200 in the teeth.

Would it be better if I could change just the cpu to the 1600 and swap the ram for the kit above since that would not be much difference in price?
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  1. For strictly gaming, I'd keep the Ryzen3 1200 and return the RAM/Motherboard
    Then, pick up a B350 board and ~3000MHz DDR4

    While the Ryzen3 is *only* a quad core, I'd rather have an overclocked R3, with fast RAM (which Ryzen really benefits from) for gaming.... opposed to a 6c/12t CPU, slower RAM and no ability to overcloc.
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  2. I did just do some more number crunching. The other part of this is that I have a netgear router which I'm going to return under their 2 year replacement plan. I paid around 80 for it, it is an AC1200, but in our townhome, there are a lot of wifi signals, so I effectively had to purchase some ethernet cable, run it upstairs, and dropped my old router in as an access point. So I'm planning to return the router, and found one that looks like it might be suitable for 30 bucks with their 2 year plan. It is also an AC1200. The brand is Tenda, which I've had bad luck with, but I'm tempted lol. If I do that, I'm thinking I could get the board as well. Maybe then I wouldn't get shot if I got the ram lol.

    In other words, I'd get 50 extra from the router, have 60 in cash in my pocket atm. So 110 I can add to the 212 I spent if I returned all. So effect budget of 312. All parts if I went 1600, Asrock board, and ram would be 34 out of pocket. I don't want an earful going home since I spent what I spent already lol.

    What about going with the 1500x?

    Or I could keep my 2400 ram, and get the 1600 and get the new board, which would put me only 13 out of pocket. I could get away with that lol.
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  3. Also, they did have a slightly better deal on a single 8gb stick of ddr4 3000. If I got that instead of the dual channel, any performance hit?
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  4. You're looking at a $30 AC1200 router? Now I haven't checked routers out in a while..... but I wouldn't be overly confident in any AC router than was $30.....

    I would avoid the 1500X (and 1600X etc) as they make very little sense.
    An R5 1400 can be overclocked to compete with an overclocked 1500X.

    I still think the R3 + B350 + 3000MHz would be the best "budget" option here.

    As for the single module, I'd say no. Dual channel is still netting worthwhile performance gains.
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  5. Here's the router in question.

    The netgear AC1200 router I have is good, but honestly, I'm in a relatively small townhome, I've got hardwire running downstairs to my gaming rig, and hardwire running upstairs to my old N300 router to handle things upstairs. We get our TV through streaming(Direct TV Now). So basically all the router has to do is serve the main floor and our room right above. Mostly, it serves a roku express downstairs that we stream from. The roku is about 3 to 4 foot from the router. The old router I set up as an AP handles upstairs.

    One reason I'm asking about the 1500x, and 1600 also, is for future. In the next few months, like say 6 months, I'd like to be looking at an RX 570 or 580. Do you think the smaller cache on the 1400 would hurt it compared to say the 1500x? Some benchmarks say that it does not do quite as well. Plus we know most games will probably go multithread later.

    Other thing, seen some things saying you can OC a bit on stock cooling, which I'm thinking the Wraith Spire with the 1500x and 1600 would be better. I have a cooler master v6 gt that was on my old FX 6300 but I don't think it's compatible with AM4.

    Found one of these open box for about 15 bucks.


    Apologies for all the questions. I'm actually pretty good with computers, but Ryzen does have me excited. My first real refresh in a while. Didn't always have the budget for this much tech. So I'm trying to get most bang for my buck. I usually do this around Christmas time when I get Christmas money from family. Otherwise all the cash is going to paying bills lol. As I said, I sold my ps4 I got at Christmas time last year, but been hearing/reading on Ryzen for a while. Plus after a while, you start second guessing yourself lol. Always good to get other opinions.

    One of those things where I've just been mulling over this for a day or so until I bite the bullet tomorrow night and build again. So if you can't tell, I'm excited to get into that i5-i7 performance arena for gaming after using the FX 6300 a while. Not a bad cpu in it's own right, but AM3+ was getting long in the tooth.
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  6. Wow, actually, for $25... that does seem to be a great option.

    While I think the Ryzen3 1200 is a solid option (and it pairs pretty well with anything up to a GTX 1060 6GB -, for expected long-term use, the 1600 seems like the best "option" in most cases.

    If your budget allows you to pick up the 1600, B350 and faster RAM, that would be the "ideal".....but it's all about budget.

    The stock coolers (on any of them) will allow some modest overclocking.... most can do a bit more without touching voltage.

    As for the open box cooler or your V6 GT, I don't believe either will have the AM4 mounting.
    You might be able to get a new mounting from CM.... if one exists, but haven't heard anything.
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  7. Yeah, I've not seen anything, so I'm guessing not compatible. Which that v6 gt to be honest is a pain in the rear end to mount. Maybe I'll overclock on the stocker and save up for a watercooling kit. I always had the idea of getting best cpu you can afford and get others later. Thanks for advice. I'll post back what I end up with.
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  8. Just updating. So after some thought and decisions, I think I'm going to roll with the DDR4 2400 ram I have, return the board and cpu, and get a b350 board, and the R5 1600. When I upgrade my graphics card later, I can sell my old one, pick up a faster kit, then sell my 2400 ram to recoup much of the cost.

    I'm between these boards at the moment.

    MSI B350 Gaming Pro M-79.99(50 after combo discount)

    ASRock AB350M Pro4 AM4 mATX-79.99(again 50 after combo discount)

    Gigabyte GA-AB350M-D3H AM4 mATX-84.99(about 55 after combo)

    Decisions decisions. I've used Gigabyte and had good luck with them. However, the MSI looks very nice and reviews on youtube are good on that. I think my preferences are....

    Option 1: MSI or Gigabyte
    Option 2: ASrock

    I would be willing to try to the ASRock, but know a friend who had trouble with his, and not sure if the quality is up to par. The Gigabyte has more ram slots, but I would say I'll use a max of 16gb later on, I think the MSI supports 32 gb, so I'm fine with that. I'm not going to run a server with the board lol. Seems like sometimes Gigabyte boards take a long time to post, my old 970 seemed to anyway, and I've read that about this one also.

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  9. The MSI Gaming Pro M is a very solid board, that would be my choice of the 3.

    I'd implore you to reconsider the DDR4, as Ryzen does benefit greatly from faster memory............ but it's your call, and if the budget is limited, then the 2400MHz will work. With any luck you *might* be able to OC the RAM a little.
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  10. Yes, that's what it comes down to is the budget. Don't want to completely break the bank. I talked to another tech friend of mine, I figure I know I'll lose a few frames, but I'll have the ability to OC the cpu. As well as the fact, the 7950 is basically equivalent to a 1050 ti from what I can see. So I figure that especially overclocked, I'll have a bit of a GPU bottleneck anyway and the cpu will be feeding frames faster than the 7950 can put them up.

    In a few months when I upgrade the video card to maybe an rx 570 or 580, something in that neighborhood, the proceeds from the old card can go toward faster ram to unleash the rest of the power.
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  11. By the way, thanks for all the input. I'm going to try to get the MSI board. They have 2 left. If I can't get that, I'll ask them between the other 2.
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  12. Best answer
    Got the R5 and ASRock board. Had the MSI in the cart, and asked the sales guy good opinion, he said the ASRock were some of his now reliable boards now. He said a year to a year and a half ago he never would not have used them. But that they've gotten better. Had more heatsinks near vrms etc than the MSI also. Bought 2 year replacement just in case so we'll see how good or bad that board is.

    As a side note, I've tried tenda routers before and wasn't impressed. Got this one home and set it up. Disabled the beamforming technology, and changed to a less crowded channel, it is happily streaming along and seems to be decent. For 25 bucks it may not be bad. I did buy a 2 year replacement plan on it. Time will tell how long it lasts.
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