rocking a haswell z97 rig when should i upgrade

have a z97 rig asus maximus 7 hero motherboard and a i5 4690k devils canyon cpu, and 16gb of ripjaw x 1600mhz ram,, NVidia GeForce gtx 1060 6gb video still playing any game out no problem and everything seems to be pretty smooth so I'm thinking to wait another 2 or 3 years before doing a upgrade. what does everyone think?
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  1. my 955 black agrees, wait for a while. until there is something that you can no longer run as you need then its not time to upgrade.
    my $0.02
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    Nobody can answer that. You should upgrade when you need to, and you wont know until that happens.
    I think 2-3 years is realistic depending on the games you play, and the expectations you have for settings.
    There could be a game that comes out in 3 months that you really want to play and cant run it well, or it could last longer than 3 years.
  3. I have to say that I believe this rig is still pretty powerful.
  4. got no plans at all right now to upgrade my 4690k system. another couple years at least before it shows its age too much. :)
  5. I just got my 4590 at the start of the year from a friend, no plans to change.
  6. im pretty similiar with a 4790, 16gb , gtx 970. i can tell you im not upgrading my CPU for at LEAST 2 to 3 more generations. as for the gpu.... if my bonus is good this year, i might be picking myself up a vive/rift so i think i might go for a 1070
  7. ya I love my 4690k devils canyon cpu
  8. yup, figure ryzen is about the same ipc as the haswell (a bit more but close) and intel really hasn't put anything else since that is greatly better. so upgrading now is only for a minimal gain if you go high end intel. whole new platform upgrade for maybe a 25% increase is not exactly bang for the buck
  9. packersfan036 said:
    I have to say that I believe this rig is still pretty powerful.

    Good CPU's last, you have a good one. gone are the early 2000's when an upgrade easily doubled or tripled performance. My first CPU was 166Mhz, next CPU was 750Mhz, the CPU after that was 1800Mhz. then 3.06Ghz, and for the last 8 years 3.2ghz.
  10. that was old school I got my certs in computer tech and repair in 2000 lol
  11. doubt we'll ever see the major leaps we saw 20 years ago between generations again. such small increases that it is rarely worth upgraded before 5-6 gens go buy.
  12. true
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