Fed up of Water Cooling, looking for air cooler

Hi all!

I'm officially fed up with my water cooling loop; maintenance, algae growth, unjustifiable parts cost (12 euro a metre for tubing...) After a leak yesterday (nothing bad! phew!) I've decided to sell my loop that I've been running for 3 long years and settle for some good old fashioned air cooling.
I had some overclocks on the CPU but no school is starting again, classes are becoming more and more difficult, I go to an IT school (oh, the irony!) but I don't have time to keep up with the quirks of a custom loop.

I was looking at the NH-D15, be quiet Dark Rock Pro 3 etc etc. What I mean is that I'm looking at the top of the line air cooler lineup.
I don't intend to overclock, I just want the most silent and most reliable PC (the loop was stupid loud) I know these are way overkill but money isn't a problem

I was also looking at the NH-U14S (though for 20 euro I'd rather just get a super beefy one)

My main concerns are:
Will one of the beefy air coolers smash, ruin or warp my motherboard
Will RAM fit (Kingston HyperX Fury Black 16GB DDR3)

Please use to link suggested products

My system is

Maximus VII Hero
i7 4790k
16GB HyperX Fury RAM
Corsair Obsidian 750D (will swap for a NZXT H440 shortly)
Samsung 850 Pro
Seagate 3TB Barracuda

Thanks in advance!!
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  1. run a NH-D14 on my 4670k
    a Cryorig R1 on a 2600k
    a Cryorig H5 on a X5690

    Any of those coolers will work for what you need
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    I really like the cryorig R1 for dual tower coolers. The NH-D15 is very nice as well, but I personally think it's quite ugly. The RAM should fit fine, if you are using 4 sticks there may be some clearance issues on the stick closet to the cpu, only way to know for sure is to take some measurements. If you mount it correctly a big air cooler is not going to ruin your motherboard, just be careful when moving the computer.
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  3. I've been reading reviews and they say that the Cryorig R1 is the loudest of the bunch, granted that I won't be overclocking so the fans won't be ever running at full blast. What about the NH-U14S? Are they properly silent? Tired of having my PC sound like a washing machine
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  4. Bit the bullet for an NH-D15, can't wait anymore with the dinky Intel CPU. Thanks all for the contributions!
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  5. The R1 is a little noisy but i had to replace the front fan for a slim to fit next to the ram, and its on a lanparty rig so there are 3-4 computers and people in the same room so you dont really notice it.
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