Low power in vcore voltage

Sir, I have Asus motherboard P5kpl am/PS American megatrends. And psu of 450watt power. The processor is core to duo. The problem is one of the core shows less voltage.

The readings are as follows-
Vcore voltage- 1.296v
3.3V Voltage - 2.912 v
5V Voltage - 5.094v
12V Voltage - 12.038v

One month before I installed one graphics card in my pc name zotac 710 zone edition 2gb DDR3.

I don't know what to do please help.
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    1.296v on Vcore is normal for an Intl processor. 3.3v being at 2.912v is concerning though. What kind of power supply is it, is it from a good brand or a cheap unit?
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  2. My psu is umax npower 450watt

    Sir this power supply unit worked for many years in my pc and even now working very well without any malfunction/defects.
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