Would using 1-to-4 fan splitters fry my motherboard?

I doing a build with a mATX mobo with only 2 4-pin fan connectors and a single CPU fan connector. However I'll need to run 8 fans 120 mm fans in my inwin 303 case (3 top, 3 bottom, 1 back exhaust and one for the CPU) so I figured I'm gonna need a 1-to-4 fan splitter to make this helpful. The fan with the highest current has .24A so I figured if I plugged in 4 of them in one connector, I'd be pulling .96A from that connector and I know the limit is 1Amp. So would I still fry my motherboard running at .96A somehow or at least slow my fan speeds down?

Ps. I'm using
-3 thermaltake riing 12 Red led fans
-4 Arctic f12 PWM PST fans
-Cryorig H7 for my CPU cooler
My PSU is 500+ Watts
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  1. You need a dedicated-powered Fan Hub for running such fans at that total amp draw. Such fan hub will relieve the motherboard's 1A-max. header from powering the fans and will use the PSU's SATA/Molex to power all fans directly via the hub while still maintaining speed control and monitoring for all your fans (since the fan hub is still to be connected to your motherboard's 4-pin header).
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