RX 480 undervolt keeps resetting itself after restart

I recently undervolted my reference RX 480, and I just noticed that the undervolt is not holding after a reset. I assume this is not normal. The card is stable while playing The Witcher 3. Here is my settings. Only the undervolt resets, everything else holds. Does this mean the undervolt isn't holding?
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  1. I had the same issue with wattman while trying to undervolt my rx 480. Solved it by changing the clock speed. I had 1310mhz stock and wattman kept putting voltage back to 1150mv on restarting.
    It only did this with power state 7 though. ?
    Anyhow, I dropped the core to 1300 and wattman kept the voltage at 1040mv. overclocking or underclocking, even by 1mhz resulted in wattman keeping the voltage I set.
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