Case fans running but PC fans and graphics card fan isn't.

So I was playing on PC nothing high load and PC suddenly stops.
Did the u plug all and keep power button on for 30 secs. Nothing. Still case fans running and not the CPU or video card no display output. My mobo ga h61-s or something has a standby thing so my mouse has lights. Not a mobo prob it seems.

Update._- did the complete breadboard and stuff. PC started . Worked 2 days.
Then same thing happened just used clear cmos jumper . PC started

Can someone please tell me what's happening?need help in case it happens again

Any ideas would be appreciated thank.
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  1. what are your specs? power supply model? do you have any other parts, access to another computer for testing/swapping parts?
    visually inspect the motherboard, look for capacitor damage. look at the GPU for same. GPU fan free spinning, no resistance? unplug the computer and remove the battery for a couple minutes to clear the CMOS/BIOS.
    suddenly stops how, screen froze? hard reboot? powered off?
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  2. Hello sir.
    I got an antec 500
    Ga h61m-s new
    I5 2500
    Hyper t2
    1 4gbnew ram
    1 2gb old ram
    Both working correctly no prob there

    A bit of a mess in PC but nothing touching any pcb.
    PC shut off in a blink no noise no restart
    Press power button then only Case fans work . Did the above mentioned.
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  3. is there a speaker connected to the 4 pin plug directly above the Front Panel Connector? any speaker will work, the first and last pin are the speaker pins. the motherboard may be telling you what the issue is through beep codes.
    the speaker is the Diagnostic speaker. if the speaker is there and you are not getting any beeps at all. the system is unable to complete POST (Power On Self Test) which would indicate an issue with RAM CPU or motherboard. I am less suspicious of the PSU as they usually reboot, not shutdown when failing.
    this is why I asked about access to another computer. you could swap power supplies and verify the PSU's health, then you can try to force a beep code from the motherboard - remove all the RAM and attempt to boot the system. the motherboard should beep at you through the connected speaker. if you cannot force a beep code the motherboard is toast in my experience. you need a good known working PSU to test the mobo in such a way though
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  4. Hello sir,
    My mobo is new like 2months new and my PC is working fine . Did some benchmarks to try to stress test my hardware . Had no problem whatsoever. Unfortunately I have no speaker.
    My ram sticks are fine checked in a friend's PC.

    Computer's working fine but now 2 times PC shut off automatically.
    Real prob is I don't know why . A blog said residual energy and had the disconnect power cable then hold the power button 30 secs which works.
    I'm just scared if these 2 instances have or will damage my pc
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