How to enable I5-7600K turbo boost?

I have Asus z270-p prime mobo and 7600K cpu. how can i enable intel turbo boost? I got only 4ghz max when stressing cpu with prime95 26.6.

And how about manually OC my cpu with this mobo? I tried 4.7ghz with 1.170V, but my pc crashes and boots when gaming. Temps are still within safe range
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  1. Reset your BIOS and then there should be an enable turbo boost option in BIOS. No need to overclock for this.
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  2. tambeshakunt said:
    Reset your BIOS and then there should be an enable turbo boost option in BIOS. No need to overclock for this.

    Turbo boost is enabled by default, but its still only 4ghz. This cpu @ stock 3.8ghz and turbo 4.2ghz
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  3. Do you have the stock cooler installed?
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  4. tambeshakunt said:
    Do you have the stock cooler installed?

    I have thermalright true spirit 140 direct, noctua 140mm front intake and 120mm rear exhaust
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    It's already enabled if you're going above 3.8GHz (base clock speed).

    However, the Turbo speed is a little deceptive. Full info is here (, but basic summary is:
    -- Turbo speed goes up in increments of 100MHz/0.1GHz (i.e. the steps for the i5-7600K would be 3.9Ghz, 4.0GHz, 4.1GHz, & 4.2GHz)
    -- Actual turbo speed is limited by a) power consumption (i.e. more power available = the more steps it can use), b) avaialble cooling (i.e. lower operating temperature = more steps available) , & c) the # of cores in use (i..e the more cores used = the fewer steps it can use)

    I had trouble tracking down the exact stepping for this CPU, but based on how prior-generation Core i5 CPUs performed, how they compared to their comparable Core i7 siblings, & how the i7-7700K performs (2 steps with 2, 3 or 4 cores, 4 steps with a single core), I'm guessing that your i5-7600K can Turbo up to 4.0GHz maximum if 3 or 4 cores are in use, possibly Turbo up to 4.1GHz if only 2 cores are in use, & only reaches the maximum 4.2GHz Turbo speed if only a single core is in use.

    As for overclocking, everything I've ever seen shows that you should take things slowly. Going straight to 4.7GHz is just a blind shot in the dark. You should try incrementally bumping up the clock speed until it becomes unstable, then gently up the voltage until it becomes stable, & repeat until you reach the highest possible stable speed. Note that, in addition to cooling options, you run into "silicon lottery" limitations with overclocking: some CPUs are more robust than others, some motherboards are more robust than others, etc.
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