Gtx 1070 and fifa 18

I have pentium g3258 and I don't have discrete gpu right now and I can't stand playing fifa 18 and pes 18
is it right to pair my pentium with gtx 1070 until I have my coffee lake build after it been released.
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  1. Your Pentium G3258 will undoubtedly bottleneck a GTX 1070; probably even a GTX 1060. However coffee lake is supposed to be announced in five days. I presume that it'll be for sale within 30 days or less from that date. I personally don't think that's a long time to with that CPU until you upgrade. Be sure to check the prices of the GTX 1080 models. If a GTX 1070 is $450 USD and a 1080 is $500, then the 1080 would be a better value.
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