i7 4790k or i5 7600k

should I upgrade to i7 4790k or buy new Mobo+DDR4 ram+cpu also I'm going to buy gtx 1070 my monitor is 1080p 60 HZ
I have
Pentium g3258
Asus h81 v3 mobo
8gb ram ddr3
noctua u9b se2
note I will not overclock I don't like it
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    Depends on the cost of the I7... it is still viable and will probably outpreform that I5. get another stick of ram and you will be set for a couple of years
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  2. I think you should buy a new combo CPU+RAM+Motherboard. Because your old Asus H81 is not good for i7 CPU, and GTX 1070. K series is not needed.
    Best solution now is Ryzen 5 1600 + Good B350 mother board (Asus ROG Strix, Gigabyte Gaming 3, etc...), and RAM with high bus speed.
    I am using Ryzen 5 1600, Asus ROG Strix B350-F Gaming, Gskill Trident Z 3000. It work very well.
    Another choice, i5-7600 (Non-k) and B250 mother board.
    And, Please buy a good motherboard.
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  3. I7 for sure not a good option to buy i5 now, i7 4790k may be 10 to 20% slower than the kaby lake but it's one of the best gaming processor unless u wanna spend more on rysen platform(like 1600)But it can handle 1080p for couple more years until games start using more than 8 cores. The current games uses upto 40 to 70% cpu mostly around 50's. Btw you can overclock 4790k with asus h81 mobo
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  4. the price of i7 4790k here is equal to i5 7600k+mobo and I have to pay more for a stick of 8gb ddr4 ram.. what do you think?
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  5. Just buy i7 4790k and a ram 8gb if u can afford or 4gb
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  6. I will buy... I really don't know now please more answers
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  7. The I7 scores higher here on the pure cpu performance than the I5 ( about 11000 vs 9200) and it is a good match for a 1070.

    albeit it is purely up to you, you could go for a skylake I7 and a z170 motherboard with DDR 4 ram, just dont regret settling for an I5, like me...
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  8. so I will regret buying Hasswel in 2017?
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    Don't buy anything at the moment. Their is an announcement on the 21st about the new Intel KabyLake range which includes 6 core i5's & i7's. As long as prices of i5's stay similar you might be able to get 50% more cpu for your money and games are starting to use more than 4 threads.
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