GTX 960 4GB overclocking?

What's the best overclock for this particular GPU? Right now I have it at Core Clock at 115 mhz, Mem CLock at 200 mhz and power limit at 105, with no tampering in the core voltage.
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  1. It all depends card to card, the gtx 960 is not the best oc ( like the 950 that in some cases can oc beyond the 960 jajaja) Ok that card is not old but it will be outdated soon with the release of VOLTA ( i want that 2060 or 1160<3) First tell us the exact model some card has different energy pins and that can make a ov(overvolt) totally unstable and burn the card and motherboard( or just cause a crash :p) Some Manufacturers bring the 960 with Voltage regulators so you can't burn them. I wait for you answer
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  2. I've successfully overclocked my MSI GTX 960 2gb to 1428 boost clock and it's stable, what company manufactured ur card? it all dpends on the card not only the brand even if you have the same gpu as mine, it's possible that you might overclock higher or lower than mine.
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  3. Mine is a EVGA GTX 960 4GB ACX+, for those who wanted to know.
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