can i overclock my cpu?

My specs:
GPU- gtx 1060 6gb
PSU- 520W seasonic
Motherboard- Evo2 M52bc
cpu cooler- unfortunately having trouble figuring it out it's a stock cooler from the m52bc
I'm looking to overclock safely I realize the cpu cooler is kind of important but any advice would be much appreciated. I'm hoping to OC to get rid of some of my bottleneck as my cpu is older and my gpu is newer.
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  1. I am in a similar position right now. What I read on this website is if you're going to overclock, you should upgrade from the stock cooler.
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  2. The motherboard is very important when overclocking and I don't know anything about your board but you need to check it is good enough. The biggest problem usually is the VRM's not being strong enough.

    The other thing is be careful of wasting money on an obsolete platform, any money spent on this system will give minimal gains. Let's assume your cpu is limiting you to 30fps average in a particular game and you then overclock your cpu by 10%, at best your average goes up to 33fps which is not noticeable.
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