Good gaming PC for this price?

I bought a gaming PC 3 months ago for €280,- with these specs.

GPU: MSI r9 280x
CPU: FX 8350 with (Antec kuhler 920 h20 Defect. Upgraded to Cryorig h7 for €37,-)
RAM: 10GB Ram HyperX
MOBO: Asrock 970 Pro3 R2.0 (Upgraded to 990fxa-gd80 for +€30,)
PSU: XFX Pro650w
SSD: Kingstone 250GB
HDD: 500GB

So are these specs good for €347,-??
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    It is a decent rig for the price.
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  2. from the weak CPU and GPU IMO it is overpriced
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