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Hello guys,so I will be buying a gigabyte B250 mATX MB for my new mobo and I was wondering will I be able to overclock my cpu's turbo?(I know that with the B250 you cannot overclock the cpu)but I was wondering could I overclock just its turbo using the intel extreme tuning utility?And another side question is would the arctic freezer 33 cooler fit onto the GA-B250M-D3H gigabyte MB that I am buying?
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  1. hhhmm i think u still can OC it but better u save your money to buy the non K if u want to buy B250,well it will fit to your mobo no worries
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  2. Yes, 7700k can still use turbo boost on b250, you just can't OC the cpu.
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    Can your CPU still turbo (to 4.5GHz, which is the max turbo at stock settings for a 7700K)? Yes.
    Can you increase the turbo frequency? No
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  4. Thanks for the answers guys.Also would the cooler I mentioned fit onto the mb I mentioned or not?
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  5. Yes, that cooler is compatible.
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