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Hello everyone, i have a asus gl552vw entry level gaming laptop (core i5 6300hq, gtx960m 2gb, 12gb ddr4 2133mhz ram) with a sandisk ssd (128 Gb) and a hgst travelstar 7k1000 (1TB, 7200 RPM). I am searching a more beefier and faster hdd, because i mainly play games and i edit videos for work, so i need minimum 1 tb of storage, so an ssd is not an option and where i live sshd are very expensive and rather difficult to find. My first option is the WD Black WD10JPLX (1tb version) but i was told that the overall disk speed is the same as the hgst i actually have. Any recomendations would be appreciated having in mind:
-1 TB storage minimum
-Performance for gaming/editing and like 8/12 hours per day of work
-7200 RPM
Many thanks for reading :)
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  1. Stick with your HDD, there is no faster one.
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    You're maxed out. The next step to improve performance is an SSD. Maybe an option is to replace the 128GB SSD with a 500GB SSD. Keep the OS, favorite games and key files/projects on the SSD and use the HDD for longer term storage.
  3. Many thanks for everyone who posted! So, any ideas of a good 256 GB ssd? (in my country an entry-level SSD is like 250 USD) Also, how much an ssd will last playing games? my Sandisk is already at 8 TB as stated by crystaldiskinfo, and im worried about how much will last before the reallocated sectors and all that creepy stuff.
  4. Everyone recommends Samsung's SSD's as the best. I've also been very happy with PNY CS1311 and CS2211 SSD's that I've purchased. Another SSD to consider is Crucial MX300. From what I've read, I wouldn't worry about the lifetime of an SSD. Your laptop will be obsolete before the SSD fails.
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