My laptop with windows 10 takes 10 seconds to boot up, do i still need a ssd for my new build?

Im so close to finish building my pc (missing ram & ssd). Currently using my almost 4 year old laptop, surprisingly, it takes 10 seconds to boot up to windows desktop. Steam, discord & ccleaner are the only programs that open when windows is loading, so, if i use the 3tb hdd i just bought instead of a ssd, would i really need a ssd at all? I only use my laptop for gaming (web surfing and spotify too but gaming is my heaviest point) so the 3tb hdd is gonna get filled with games & google chrome downloads. Should i still get a 120ssd?(thats the only ssd i can afford) and why? Thanks!!
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    Firstly, you laptop is not doing a cold boot to the desktop in 10 seconds.
    That is almost certainly coming out of sleep or hibernation or some other not-quite-off configuration.

    Secondly...yes, an SSD is a good thing to have. And not just for reduced boot time.
    Heat, vibration, power....all better with an SSD

    Thirdly...a 120GB SSD is mostly not recommended. 250GB or larger.
  2. And I really do not understand a need to have ccleaner open at boot time. Not sure of how much time that will actually save.

    Can concede the need for Steam and perhaps Discord for gaming purposes: But for all games?

    Maybe just boot with nothing and then use Desktop Shortcuts to launch whatever else is needed at the time.

    As for the SSD - looking back I would have benefited from larger SSD's. Go larger per USAFRet.
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