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so did my build today of the ryzen 5 1600x and oced it to 4ghz with dram on 2933. ran aida 64 for 10min stable. cinebench for several times also no crashes. i did give in the vcore to 1.375 is it ok? max cpu temp i saw was 74c with a x62 kraken. secon quastion would be. I have a asus crosshair 6 Hero with the bios 1002 and everything seems like stable so should i update the bios or just leave it>
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    I would only suggest 1.35v but if you got great cooling then may work ok. You should update bios in any case as it may fix future issues you may run into.
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    Question from David119 : "ryzen 5 1600x overclocking"

    David119 said:
    Hi to all. Got my ryzen 5 1600x yesterday with a asus crosshair 6 hero mainboard and oced it to 4ghz with a core voltage of 1.375v . ran the aida64 test and cinebench and the pc did not crash. Got the corsair lpx vengeance ddr4 3200mhz now only runing on 2933. the bios version is 1002. Should i update the bios or change any settings on the overclocking ? becouse for now it is stable and i dont really want to bridge the mobo...

    Anonymous said:
    By bridge I assume you mean "brick". I don't recommend updating the bios unless there is a performance problem. Ryzen does perform better with faster RAM, so it is something I would consider. As for "bricking" the bios, just update the bios via usb in the bios and not in Windows and you will be fine.

    Your bios update should not impact your ability to OC your chip. Your bios may revert back to default settings after you flash, so you may have to go back and put your settings back in.

    Good job on the 4ghz, that is a good OC. How are your temps?

    idle 32-33 full load on aida64 was 74c but these summer days there is hot also im my apartament . but playing games dont see more then 55-59c. cooling with a kraken x62
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  3. elbert said:
    I would only suggest 1.35v but if you got great cooling then may work ok. You should update bios in any case as it may fix future issues you may run into.

    that's too low, XFR auto vcore jumps to 1.42v to hit 4.1ghz, no way your getting close to 4ghz at that low voltage !!!
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  4. Understand XFR hitting higher voltage for a little bit isn't the same as running full time. Its just like an overclock of 4Ghz can beat stock with XFR hitting 4.1Ghz. Constant isnt the same impact as occasionally. Now 14nm has long established limit on safe voltage. Tomshardware reviews pointed out clearnly the drop off at 1.45v. They past along AMD reviews info made clear exceeding 1.35v means for overclockers.,4951-4.html?_ga=1.23068155.1932145986.1448157588
    AMD predicts that most customers should see somewhere between 3.9 and 4.1 GHz across all cores, and suggests you stick with a 1.35V ceiling if you want your chip to last. Although core voltages in excess of 1.45V are considered sustainable, they'll have a more pronounced effect on longevity.

    I take this to mean beyond 1.35v you better have great cooling and beyond 1.45 nothing will stop the pronounced effect on the CPU.
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