Best RAM upgrade option for 2009 iMac?

My mom has an ancient iMac. It does the job and has a gorgeous 27" display so we aren't too keen on replacing it anytime soon. However, the speed of it is a problem--it takes well over a minute to boot and takes a long time to open even simple programs such as Chrome and Firefox. There are 2 X 2 GB sticks of RAM installed. I could add another 2 X 2 for under $30 or I could replace it all with a 2 x 4 for around $70 or I could amp it up to 4 x 4 for double that. She doesn't do any video editing or really anything beyond web browsing, but I feel like this ancient thing could use all the help it can get. Which RAM config is the best, and is there anything else (preferably low-cost) that I could do to make this thing boot and run faster?

Edit: I've already disabled startup programs and there's plenty of free disk space.
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