Will NVidia release Volta soon after Vega RX launch?

I was looking at release dates of NVidia and October and February stuck out. Is it possible we will see retail Volta lunch around these months? I'm asking, because I don't want to buy now, if new gen GPUs are around the corner. But I couldn't find any rumours about it, except of pro Volta GPUs gifted to some company, when googling.
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  1. I suspect we will see something new, maybe in september. (previous releases have been around August and September), so its possible.
    980 - Sept 2015
    1080 - August 2016
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  2. I hope it's true. I can wait until September/October. But I have my doubts, Vega is obviously not on pair with 1080 ti/xp, so why would NVidia not postpone launch of its next gen GPUs?
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  3. True, but they didnt need to launch the 1080 ti either (the 1080 was already the undisputed fastest card) and they still did.
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  4. One reason they might go forward with release could be to try to sell on "1st single GPU able to do 4k@60fps" or.. such, it's still unattained goal (at least on max details) for all parties unless you go SLI. Except I doubt they will manage to do that big jump forward compared to 1080 Ti
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