PC not starting(no LEDs) after running a bootable sierra USB

What I did: Made a bootable macOS sierra USB from .dmg file.

Turned off the PC. (Which previously had Ubuntu)

Plugged the USB in. Bios successfully recognized it.

But then it kept showing a blinking screen.

So, I long pressed the power button to turn it off.

It did turn off.(Albeit, it doesn't start now.)

What's happening now: Nothing. No LEDs come up, the power button doesn't switch the laptop on.

I read somewhere that it might be a power failure, so I plugged in a usb flashlight with and without battery(on AC) and the flashlight goes on for a second. The Power LED doesn't glow. No fans. No beep. No other sound.

What's going on?

Model e039-TX

Make: HP

Processor: Intel i5

Ram: 8GB
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  1. Seems like a latent hardware fault is now showing itself. This won't have anything to do with you trying a macOS usb drive.
    Do the usual troubleshooting of re-seating power connectors, RAM, GPU, etc.
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