1050 ti sc vs 1060 3gb for an fx 6300 3.5ghz

So i have some questions,

which would perform better on the FX 6300 3.5ghz, the 1050 ti sc or 1060 3gb?

i understand the 1060 will be bottlenecked, but will it still outperform the 1050ti sc?

is there a performance difference between the 1060 dual and the single fan? my rig is pretty well cooled.

keep in mind i'm probably never going to touch 4k gaming, and i don't play AAA games that often (i hope getting a new gpu will change that). I am alsoplanning to upgrade my rig to the i5 6600k in the future.
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    The 1060, even the 3gb version, is a level above in performance. Neither card is a 4k gaming card. However, if you aren't gaming with AAA games, then a 1050 Ti makes more sense. That's because 1060s and above are very pricey these days. You are not going to benefit enough from the extra performance to justify the much higher cost of the 1060 if you're not playing AAA games.

    edit: The more AAA games you play, and the newer the AAA games you play, the more a 1060 would be justified. For instance, if you only play one AAA game but it's PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds, and you play that a lot, you'd probably want the 1060.
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  2. With a 6300, it would be a waste spending extra money on a 1060. That CPU will bottleneck the GPU pretty bad. A 1050 would be more effective unless you upgrade your CPU. I doubt the 1060 would outperform the 1050 with a FX6300. The online bottleneck calculator says that the 1060 will have a 13 percent bottleck and the 1050ti will have a 8 percent. You have to take the online calculators with a grain of salt, they are tested under very specific circumstances and there is no universal standard that everyone uses, but it still is a good guideline. If you are going to upgrade your CPU at some point, go ahead and get the 1060 instead of buying one card and then another later. If you are planning on keeping that CPU for a while longer, then no need to spend the extra money. I had that CPU for years and it served me well, but I do know its limits.
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  3. I have both the fx 6300 and a gtx 1050 ti, also, my cpu is @ 4.6 GHz, and still the gtx 1050 ti is bottlenecked. You'r better off switching to zen or lga 1151. It will require new ram, cpu, and motherboard, but it's more than worth it in performance. The Fx-6300 is years old and can't keep up anymore, i regret buying this cpu greatly, and wished i waited for zen 3 or bought an i3/i5.
    TLDR Doesn't matter as performance will be the same since the CPU holds both cards back severely.

    Edit: Sorry, didn't read that you're switching to 6600k (That's great!), but to answer you're question, I'd say go for a 1060 6Gb for use now and in the i5 build, unless you have something better in mind. The 1060 will very slightly outperform the 1050 ti with your FX6300, but it will do a lot better once you get the i5
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